Photo via @fittwotravel on Instagram.

One of my favorite things about Painted by the Shore is seeing photos of our pieces after they leave the studio.  When they reach their destination with our customers & are put to use- glasses filled with wine in front of the fireplace, salt & pepper shakers on the table, totes at the farmer's market & (in this case) sand keepsake bottles on the beach.

Our sand keepsake bottles started as a request from a retailer in Cape Cod (one of our favorite vacation spots!).  Their shop was looking for a souvenir that their customer could use to take a bit of the beach home with them.  

That first order inspired a half dozen nautical designs.  Which in turn led me to start making bottles for events in our own lives- a place to store the sand I'd been saving from our wedding day & honeymoon (coincidentally in Cape Cod, are you noticing a trend?) & now one for our baby's first vacation coming up this summer.

Filling our own bottles was so much fun, & having them on display at home brings back sweet memories every time I walk by that bookshelf.  I can't wait to fill Cooper's on his first trip once the weather warms up!

Thanks for stopping by & I'd love to hear your go to vacation spot with baby (bonus points if it's on the East Coast near us!).

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