The Moana Collection First Look

Releasing The Moana Collection today was definitely one of my proudest moments ever with Painted by the Shore.  I put my heart into our new tropical designs, along with my favorite colors- pink & green! 

You know by now that we at PS are HUGE coastal lovers, & shifting that inspiration from our beaches in New England to the warmer south & west shores of the U.S. took research.  I learned more about different types of sea grass, coral, palm trees & tropical blooms than I ever dreamed; something that left me grateful that designing this collection led to the opportunity to educate myself.

Moana means ocean in Hawaii, & I stumbled upon the word while searching for synonyms for "sea". The second I saw "Moana" pop up I knew it was the noun I'd been searching for.  And thus The Moana Collection, our first launch of 2017, was born.

Even through we just officially shared the Spring collection this afternoon I'm already brainstorming for 3 other releases in 2017.  The creative juices just won't stop flowing & I'm not one to slow that down!  Get ready for an a-ma-zing year.  I personally can't wait.

Pop over to our shop HERE, check out the collection & comment below to let us know what you think!

Happy Thursday friends! - Kristina

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